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The volume and complexity of the Technical Assistance to be managed under this Technical Assistance Project is unprecedented for the province. The work involves extensive coordination among participating PLDs and LGs. It would not be possible for the PSU to manage Technical Assistance as well as the Programme activities. The Technical Assistance management for this Project will therefore be organized by various methods to improve the overall efficiency of the programme.

Technical Assistance Committee
A Technical Assistance Management Committee comprising members proposed has been constituted and notified by the Planning and Development Department. The TA Management Committee will guide, direct and monitor the entire TA component. The Committee will:

accord approval of all studies,
monitor TA performance through quarterly reports,
approve annual implementation plans for the TA,
approve procurement processes under relevant guidelines.

Implementing Agency
The Health Department is the lead implementing agency for the entire Technical Assistance project. In order to ensure smooth implementation of the TA project, an independent management firm will be hired to have full responsibility for the contracting and management of services under the TA program. The management firm will be appointed by the Provincial Government in consultation with the Asian Development Bank and DFID.

The TA is based on an estimated 5000 person-months of consulting services (preferably domestic consultants would be hired) together with funds available for surveys, research studies, workshops and capacity building. A provisional list of TA support requirements will be published and given to the line departments and local governments. This provisional list will be the starting point for “client” departments (PLDs and LGs) to establish their TA needs to meet Programme requirements. Client departments with the support of the TA management agent will thereafter submit draft TORs (on a standard format developed by the PSU) to the technical staff located in the PSU. A cost based competency structure to approve TORs will be developed by the PSU and approved by the PDSSP Steering Committee. The TA management firm will finalize the TORs in consultation with the PLDs. The approved TORs will be handed over to the TA management firm for implementation. The consultancies that are not included in the Annual Work Plan would require approval of the TA Management Committee.

Programme Support Unit
The Programme Support Unit (PSU), in its capacity as the secretariat of the PDSSP Steering Committee, TA Management Committee and technical and coordination arm of the Department of Health will coordinate the TA. The PSU will be supported by four consultants; an Organizational Development Specialist (would also act as team leader), Finance and Monitoring Specialist; Social Sector Policy and Planning Specialist and (iv) Social Sector Human Development Specialist. These four consultants will be housed within the PSU and will be recruited through individual contracts. Recruitment for these four positions will be carried out by the PSU using standard ADB procurement guidelines.

Apart from the four consultants housed within the PSU, all consultancy services will be procured by the TA management firm using procurement rules of business agreed with the stakeholders and cleared by the ADB procurement department. The detailed TORs for the proposed TA management firm will be developed by the PSU, cleared by the ADB/DFID and approved by the PDSSP Steering Committee. Once selected through a transparent and competitive process, the TA management firm will manage the TA business during currency of the Project on the basis of the guidelines provided by the TA Management Committee. The TA management firm, when it comes on board, will finalize with PSU the mechanism to procure TA services by developing a set of rules of business for the procurement of services, which will be agreed upon by all stakeholders.

All other procurement including equipment, vehicles etc for the TA will be carried out by PSU in accordance with ADB’s Guidelines for Procurement. Contract packages for $500,000 equivalent or less will follow international shopping procedures, except for vehicles, which may be procured through local competitive bidding (LCB). Minor packages costing $100,000 equivalent or less may be procured through LCB or direct purchase, as per Punjab Governments’ standard procurement procedures, acceptable to ADB. The implementing agency will prepare annual procurement plans after consultation with the stakeholders and make the approved plans available to them. While developing procurement plans, the implementing agency will ensure proper package of procurement.

Utilization period
The implementation period for the TA project is four years. The implementation will continue a year after closing of the PDSSP programme loans.

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